About Us

Hi there, it’s me, Shannon Posedenti. Welcome to my personal photo blog. I am glad that you are here today with me. If you are looking for something for your arts and photography workshops or design projects, you can visit my homepage for a very useful articles which are posted there every now and then. It is my personal challenge in my life to give you some training, tips and share what I know about photography. I am very happy in doing this even without something  in return. Yes! Absolutely. I am writing these contents during my free time, just to share something. In my free time, I used to think random things until I decided to share it to my readers. Hopefully, you will leave comments on it on what do you think, so we can discuss it too. If you have some questions to me, sure, send me an email directly to info@shannonpesodenti.com and I will be more than happy to talk about it. Thank you very much once again. Have a good day!.